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Parking Areas

Our products can provide either temporary or permanent parking solutions. Our temporary carpark matting provides a solid surface to keep both vehicles and pedestrians away from mud in wet conditions. Whether you require a short, medium or long term carpark area we can accommodate your needs.

Key Features

  • Temporary and permanent options available.
  • Mostly recycled and recyclable products supplied.
  • Anti-slip surfaces to avoid issues.
  • A range of products for each situation.
  • Free site surveys upon request.
  • Each site has its own challenges, so will be assessed individually.
  • Options to suit budget available.
  • Installation service available if required.
  • Short- or long-term options available.

Typical Applications:

  • Main car parks.
  • Overflow car parks.
  • Environmentally sensitive area carpark.
  • Permanent, semi-permanent or temporary car park.
  • Parking of various size vehicles, from caravans and cars to cranes and articulated lorries.

Along with temporary parking areas, we also provide permanent carpark solutions which provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish than concrete or tarmac and if desired can enable the site to continue looking natural and green but having the structure to carry the weight of vehicles and people. The permanent products we supply are known as Geogrid and Grass Mesh.

Geogrid is an environmentally friendly solution, being made from recycled plastic. The honeycomb structure is laid on the subsoil, once the topsoil has been removed, and then backfilled with soil and seeded or shingle if a grass finish is not required.

Grass Mesh, best described as a carpet with holes in, is rolled out on top of grass, pinned to the ground. The grass is able to grow the through the holes and intertwines with the mesh, thus giving it strength. The combination of the grass, the soil and the mesh working together gives the structure and the strength for vehicles to drive on the ground. Whether for a public or private event we understand every customer has specific requirements. We are happy to carry out a site survey and come up with the most practical and cost-effective solution for your exact requirement. If the budget is tight then an option for temporary parking for say a weekend or one day is to simply cover the areas with the highest volume of traffic passing (entrances/exits, main route through), keeping them running clean and dry without rutting with the cars parking off either side of the run of trackway. Obviously in very wet conditions a more comprehensive site covering will be required.

The following products are relevant to parking areas:

Geogrid– Permanent
Grass mesh– Permanent
Duradeck– Temporary
Economat– Temporary
Euromat– Temporary
Trakmats– Temporary
Tufftrak– Temporary

Please call or email for advice on which of these would be best for your situation.

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