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Pedestrian Flooring

Whether it’s on a construction site, a festival or a wedding our pedestrian flooring can provide any size or shaped pathway you require. Ground protection mats will handle pedestrian traffic effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Anti-slip surface on all products.
  • Ability to keep staff and guests out of the mud.
  • Avoid damage to ground and costly reinstatement.
  • Full service available or dry hire (customers lays and lifts the products) .
  • Ensure the event or project is not delayed by the weather.

Typical Applications:

  • Pedestrian walkways to camp sites, toilets, food areas.
  • Marquee and tent flooring.
  • Back stage areas, to keep staff, exhibitors and entertainers clean and dry.
  • Construction site walkways, where ground is not suitable otherwise.
  • Temporary pathways for public footpath redirection.

Whether you’re looking to provide dedicated access for onsite personnel during a construction project, or want to create more robust infrastructure at a festival, wedding or other outdoor event, our ground access solutions cover all bases.

We have a range of products suitable for different applications and ground surfaces so please give us a call. We have products that are specifically designed for anti-slip, high heels, wheelchair users, or to allow water to drain away easily.

All of our pedestrian walkway products are specially designed to have grippy surfaces, dispel water and provide the user with a solid but flexible pathway to walk on.

The following products are relevant to pedestrian flooring:

Ultradeck- pedestrian only
Portapath- pedestrian only
Duradeck- pedestrians and vehicles
Economat- pedestrians and light vehicles
Euromat- pedestrians and vehicles
Trakmats- pedestrians and vehicles
Tufftrak- pedestrians and heavy-duty vehicles

Please call or email for advice on which of these would be best for your situation.

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