EuroMat® Half track*

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The same specification as our standard Euromat, just half the size

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An alternative to our standard Euromat, just half the size! This product has an extremely grippy surface on both sides which aids traction for vehicles and pedestrians, as well to the ground, particularly when used on slight inclines. Euromats have a unique chevron design on their surface which is effective at dispersing mud and ensuring the highest performance possible. With several different connector options, this product is suited to a range of industries and possible uses. The plastic used in these medium duty ground protection mats is non-absorbent, therefore will last on the ground in wet conditions much longer than using ineffective solutions such as plywood as a method for driving over wet boggy areas. Unlike plywood these Euromats can be pressure washed off and used again and again!

Additional information

Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 600 × 2410 × 12 mm

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