£924.95 (£1,109.94 Incl. VAT)

TuffTrak is the ultimate heavy duty road mat for

temporary roadways and work areas for heavy plant and

machinery. It has reversible low profile surface for

pedestrianised areas.


Tufftrak is a market leading heavy-duty plastic ground protection panel for temporary access roadways, trackways and working platforms delivering a safer work environment. Tufftrak heavy duty panels are made from premium 100% recycled high-density polyethylene and are hard wearing, tough and extremely versatile. These panels are regularly used in the following industries: construction, events, agriculture, power and transmission, renewables, and anywhere between where HGVs and people need to gain access where otherwise they would not be able. Tufftrak mats have a load bearing capacity of up to 150 tonnes per meter square, depending on ground conditions, which is more than capable of taking all UK road-going vehicles, and large volumes of them on a daily basis.

Additional information

Weight 295 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 3000 × 38 mm

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